Booth Level Management: is a micro level management for the elections. If you want to win the election, don’t ignore the importance of booth level members/ground level team. You need to train them, transform them into small leaders and manage them towards one goal i.e.,Victory. We at politicaIN help you to create booth Level Committees, train the members of the committee and manage the booth throughout the election process.

Booth Level Analysis: is the analysis for all the booths in the constituency for predicting and decision making on state level. We at politicaIN

  • Collect and analyze caste equation and their voting patterns,
  • Demographic voting pattern,
  • Area wise analysis to identify strong or weak polling areas,
  • Past election analysis to understand and forecast the result,
  • Collecting contact number of influential people at booth level

Survey/Opinion Poll/Exit Poll: It covers evaluation of voting trends, opinion polls,exit polls and historical election data.

  • Finding micro and macro issues which can influence elections,
  • Image of present leader and assessing satisfaction level,
  • Opinion poll to know voter’s mood,
  • Vote share in favor of our client,
  • Expectation of people from an ideal candidate,
  • Find local trendy issues which will help to make a good manifesto,
  • Identify effective media source which are most influential for voters etc.

Vehicle Management: Planning and defining points for Prachar Vehicles to cover all the booths and in all caste/communities areas to influence voters.Monitoring all Prachar Vehicle from one point location whether Prachar Vehicle are reaching destination or not.

Political/Electoral Campaign: It contains the ideas that Party/Candidate wants to share with the public. We provide all type of Electoral Campaign which directly enters into the voter’s heart. It includes:

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Website Campaign
  • Mobile App Campaign
  • Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcast and IVR Calls
  • Promo Material
  • Event Management
  • Party Campaign Slogan and policy based slogan design
  • Writing Blogs and sharing it on different Media platforms and making its reach to maximum number of intended electorals.

WAR Room: WAR Room is a modern digital control room for strategy making, coordination, discussing ideas and meetings generally established before a month of the election to fast track every activity of our candidate and to keep an eye on activities of other candidates.

Election Day Monitoring: Election Day is very crucial for the candidate so we have developed a system which keeps an Eagle Eye Watch on every booth to monitor following problems:

  • Booth Capturing
  • Polling Agent Issues
  • Bogus Voting

Also, we keep an eye on all the polling booth where our candidate is strong and make sure that voter turnout on those booths is high.

After Election Management: Winning election is a continuous process and it does not stop at Election Day. You have to continuously be with public and have knowledge about every area and incident that is happening in and around your constituency. We at politicaIN help you over the following things:

  • Connect with voters directly so they can inform you about any problem or issue
  • Voters will be informed about everything you’re doing in your constituency
  • Is party structure performing well or not
  • Are party members well informed about party decisions and achievements
  • Feedback and update for all the booth
  • Ensuring that candidate/party remain in the public eye
  • And many more